Robot Duct Cleaner

To address the issue of achieving better cleanliness within air ducts, robotic cleaner is necessary for efficient cleaning. Using cameras and lights like the previous inspection-only model, the new versions also had bristles and brushes on board to clean as they went along. So, they could not only detect and record evidence of the dirt, but also sweep it away at the same time.

Dust and other debris reduces HVAC system overall efficiency. Clogged systems can prevent consistent airflow and so keeping them clean provides homes and businesses with more energy efficient systems, which is great for the pocket and the environment.

Duct cleaning has become an essential service for households in UAE as dust, dirt, and other dangerous pollutants collect inside the air conditioning unit. Prolonged use results in wear and tear as well as overall air quality

If you have children, an unattended duct system can possess health risk also. This is why it is so important to have regular inspections and cleanings performed on your air ducts, just as it is with your heating system.